The Proposed Infrastructure

Higham and Barugh Green suffer from traffic and high numbers of Heavy Goods Vehicles using Higham Common Lane to get to and from the M1 Motorway. 

House Much Housing Does Barnsley Need?

Right now Barnsley does not have a sufficient supply of deliverable housing land.

Why Do We Need To Build In The Green Belt?

Approximately 77% (over three quarters) of land in Barnsley is designated as Green Belt.

What Is The Planning Process?

The site is being promoted through the Barnsley Local Plan which is currently at Draft stage.

Issues With Current Highways

The junctions and preliminary proposals for mitigation at Barnsley West.

What New Facilities Will Be Provided?

The proposed development will create a new working and living population that will require facilities to serve their everyday needs.

Improving Desirability

Barnsley West is set to improve the desirability and demand for housing in the local area, here's how and why.

What Is The Current Land Quaility?

We are preventing the loss of valuable agricultural land elsewhere in the Borough.

How Will Flooding Be Mitigated?

Strata are looking to improve drainage pipes to the north of the Barnsley West site.