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House Much Housing Does Barnsley Need?

Barnsley does not have a sufficient supply of deliverable housing land to meet their needs either now or in the future. There is a requirement for 20,330 new dwellings (net) by 2033,  The Council have not achieved their target for a number of years and so have to provide those new homes in addition to the backlog (undersupply).  The requirement creates a demand for around at least 1,100 new dwellings per year.  The current supply is around 760 new homes (net average).

Barnsley West will provide a significant level of housing to help meet the needs of the Borough. The housing will provide a steady supply across the plan period (to 2033) and beyond.


So how will the development respect privacy?

The proposed development has sought to screen the new employment and retail land from the existing neighbours by creating green buffers. These provide separation and opportunity for significant planting.

Where new residential properties are located next to existing properties there is opportunity to introduce further planting to act as a screen or properties such as bungalows, both these options will help to protect the privacy of existing residents.