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How Will The Development Affect The Current Highways?

Fore Consulting Limited (Fore) has been commissioned by Strata to provide preliminary advice in relation to transport and access issues, in order to support the promotion of a site at Barugh Green, to the west of Barnsley (known as ‘Barnsley West’), for a potential residential and employment allocation in the Barnsley Local Plan. It is anticipated that constraining impacts are likely to occur at key junctions on the local highway network. The junctions and preliminary proposals for mitigation are indicated below:


ii) A635 Barugh Green Rd / A637 Claycliffe Rd roundabout

Increase in trips on A637 and A635 arms forecast, as they form major routes to the Link Road from the north and east of Barnsley.

iii) A635 Barugh Green Rd / Redbrook Rd junction

Increase in trips on major arm forecast, as A635 Wilthorpe Road forms a key route from east of Barnsley to Claycliffe Link Road. Capacity for right-turn movements from minor arm restricted.

x) M1 Junction 37

Reassignment of flows on links approaching roundabout forecast (reassignment from east to west), but no significant change in junction performance expected.

vii) A628 Whinby Rd / Higham Lane roundabout

Forming the southern section of the Claycliffe Link Road, Higham Lane to be diverted to the existing A628 Whinby Road / Capital Close roundabout, via Capital Close.

viii) A628 Whinby Rd / Capital Close roundabout

Increase and redistribution of flows entering roundabout forecast, as Claycliffe Link Road connects to A628 Whinby Road at this point.

ix) A628 Whinby Rd / B6449 Barnsley Rd roundabout

Increase in trips on A628 arms forecast, as A628 Whinby Road forms key route from M1 Junction 37 to Claycliffe Link Road.


  • Improvement to roundabout likely to be required (increased size with two circulating lanes). An initial scheme has been drawn up by The Council as part of plan for Link Road and will be reviewed as the scheme develops

  • Existing junction to be signalised. Preliminary mitigation scheme drawn up by The Council as part of plan for Link Road

  • Local Pinch Point Fund scheme approved to configure and install a traffic signal scheme at the junction. Scheme will control heavy traffic flows which currently lead to congestion and delay, and enable development to the west of the M1 and Barnsley town centre.

  • Existing roundabout to be removed, as shown on The Council’s preliminary Link Road plan

  • Improvement to roundabout is likely to be required (increased size, two circulating lanes).