Improving traffic conditions
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How Does the Proposed Infrastructure Fit With the Northen Economic Corridor?

Higham and Barugh Green suffer from traffic and high numbers of Heavy Goods Vehicles using Higham Common Lane to get to and from the M1 Motorway. This creates significant noise and environmental pollution for existing residents. The new development proposes to complete the first section of the Claycliffe Link Road, diverting traffic from Higham Common Lane through the site to Barugh Green Road. This will significantly ease pollution on Higham Common Lane and the new development can be designed to accommodate the impacts without adverse impact on new residents and businesses. Barnsley Council (BMBC) envisage the Claycliffe Link Road eventually reaching all the way from the Dodworth by-pass in the south to the Cudworth and West Green by-pass to the north easing congestion and pollution throughout the Town.


Studies undertaken by consultants working for Strata has confirmed the issue of congestion in neighbouring areas and to counter this Strata and BMBC will be looking to complete the first section of the Claycliffe Link Road (running through the site) within the first two years of the start of construction.