The progress so far
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The Project Timeline So Far

Consultation 'Drop In' Event - 8/7/14

The local community were invited to attend a community drop-in event to explain the proposed development for the Barnsley West site. They were given the opportunity to view the current plans, ask questions and leave comments. The event was from 10am - 7pm at the Barugh Green Club and was well attended by over 430 members of the community. We thank all that attended.


Local Plan Consultation Draft 2014 - 10/11/14

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC) are currently producing a Local Plan for Barnsley which will replace the existing Unitary Development Plan and Core Strategy.  The Local Plan will identify and allocate a range of site to meet the development needs of Barnsley.  Barnsley west has already been identified as a potential employment site in the 2012 Draft Development Sites and Places Document.  The current Consultation Draft Local Plan identifies the site as a Mixed Use allocation including employment and housing uses.  The consultation period for this latest document runs from Monday 10th November until Sunday 21st December 2014.


Barnsley West Website Launch - 8/12/14

The Barnsley West website has been launched today allowing members of the local community an opportunity to view the latest information regarding the project and keep informed throughout the allocation and planning process.


Barnsley West Planning and Design Framework Submitted to Barnsley MBC  - 27/01/15

As part of the Council’s Local Plan consultation process, the Barnsley West Consortium has submitted site specific and policy representations as well as the Planning and Design Framework to support the allocation of Barnsley West. A summary of the information included within the Planning and Design Framework is already available for viewing on the Barnsley West website.