Vision For Barnsley

Addressing Community Concerns

In the summer of 2014 a well attended community consultation event was held in Barugh Green. This highlighted a number of concerns from local residents. The latest masterplan has been revised to address these concerns, and wherever practical to do so, mitigate the impact on the local communities.

Principle of Development

The principle of developing the site was unpopular among the community because of the loss of Green Belt, fear of a negative affect on current property prices and dislike of urban sprawl.


Craven Wood surrounding the beck in the centre of the site was identified by residents as a place of habitat for a number of species. This concurred with our own ecological survey. This area has been maintained within the masterplan as green space at the heart of the development.

Air Pollution

Much of the air pollution affecting the site and the surrounding area arises from the M1 Motorway which this proposal will have limited opportunity to influence. New housing has been located away from the motorway with employment uses acting as a buffer. The diversion of traffic through the site will improve air quality in Barugh Green however the most southerly properties on Higham Common Road are unlikely to benefit from this.


Many of the residents of Higham and Barugh Green noted the need for weight restrictions of Higham Common Road because HGV traffic travelling between the M1 Motorway and Claycliffe Business Park use this route. The new Claycliffe Link Road will create a new route for this HGV traffic diverting it from Barugh Green. Traffic congestion on Dodworth Road may also be eased as vehicles entering Barnsley may use the Claycliffe Link Road as an alternative route. 

Hermit Lane is a narrow lane which currently acts as a ‘rat-run’ between Pogmoor and the M1 Motorway. The majority of Hermit Lane is proposed to be closed to through traffic with the eastern end being connected into the new housing area and linking to the Claycliffe Link Road. This approach seeks to significantly improve the current arrangement whilst preserving the character of Hermit Lane.

Drainage and Flooding

It was also noted that in several areas of the site and the surrounding area flooding from surface water run-off occurs. These observations were broadly consistent with our own technical analysis and the masterplan proposes to reduce run-off using Sustainable Urban Drainage solutions to prevent localised flooding from the site. 


A number of residents were concerned that the views from their houses across Barnsley West would be lost. To reduce the impact of the development wherever possible and practical to do so, green buffers have been incorporated. In some circumstances the existing housing is likely to be on higher ground than the proposed development because of topography. In these cases the masterplan has sought to allow for views over the proposed buildings.