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Barnsley West Past & Present

1945 to 1963
Opencast mining begins on the Barnsley West site and continued until 1963, leaving a significant impression on the area.

The M1 Motorway is built along what is now the southern boundary of the Barnsley West site connecting Rugby to Leeds and passing by Sheffield, Rotheram, Barnsley & Wakefield.

Barugh Green, Higham and Higham Common begin to merge down the western side of the Barnsley West site due to a 60 year period of significant development around the villages. 

The consultation 'drop in' event for the proposed development to Barnsley West is held at the Barugh Green Club and the Local Plan Consultation Draft is porduced.

The planning and design framework for the Barnsley West development is submitted to Barnsley MBC.

Barnsley, as with many urban areas, has experienced gradual growth over time particularly since the Victorian period to accommodate a growing population. The area surrounding Barnsley West shows evidence of this gradual growth which has already connected Barugh Green and Higham to Barnsley through development at Claycliffe. The historic mining of the site shaped the urban development of this area by influencing where construction has taken place.

Barnsley West Site History

The site appears to have initially contained a number of areas of woodland and small field patterns are shown on historic maps. Since 1945 a significant portion of the site has been opencast mined. The Coal Authority records the dates of operation for each of the mining areas:

• Hunters Cottage (Sep. 1945 - May. 1956)
• Craven I (Mar. 1950 - Jul. 1952)
• Craven II (Oct. 1956 - Feb. 1963)
• Farmhouse Lane (No record - 1960)

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  • History
  • Background
  • Objectives
  • The Site
  • Timeline
  • Barnsley over the last 118 years

    The maps and drawings show the development of Barnsley over the last 118 years. On the left are historic maps and on the right are drawings showing the buildings and major rail and road links for each date. The images show the changes to this area of Barnsley, as it grows towards Barugh Green with the development of the Gawber and Pogmoor estates. In the late 1960s the M1 Motorway was built along what is now the southern boundary of the site.

    Barnsley West History

    Barnsley West is therefore believed to be a more suitable site to accommodate Barnsley’s growth than other Green Belt sites in the Borough because it is already isolated from the countryside and has had the natural setting disturbed. New development on this site would put damaged land to good use and protect areas of open countryside surrounding the town.

    Barnsley West History
  • The Vision & Masterplan

    This vision and masterplan for Barnsley West has been created to build on a range of studies and Local Plan evidence. In 2012 the site was identified as a proposed employment allocation centred on a new strategic highway in the Council’s Draft Sites & Places development plan document.


    Following this, a Masterplan Framework was submitted to Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council proposing the allocation of a strategic mixed use urban extension to deliver the indicated employment uses alongside much needed residential uses.


  • A New Strategic Highway

    The development proposals are centred on a new strategic highway, the Claycliffe Link that will provide a key route from the M1 Motorway Junction 37 forming a north-western gateway to Barnsley. The site is identified as a mixed use land allocation in the 2016 Draft Local Plan. Barnsley West therefore seeks to bring forward 121.96 ha of land within the Main Urban Area of Barnsley for development.

    ‚ÄčThe Key Project Aims

    - Open up the motorway & alleviate local highways issues
    - Deliver market facing employment land with motorway access
    - Deliver approximately 1,700 new homes
    - Deliver Community facilities including a new school, retail & leisure facilities 
    - Provide accessible green space

  • Site Plan

    Barnsley West will deliver jobs and housing to meet a significant proportion of Barnsley’s development and economic growth needs during this Plan Period. This regionally important strategic site provides the most appropriate solution to the provision of new employment and a new community in a sustainable urban location.

    The strength of the Barnsley West opportunity is unique within the Borough and the Region. It has the opportunity to deliver an exceptional urban extension to Barnsley and a regionally significant employment location. The masterplan shows that it can be integrated into the neighbouring communities and employment uses and deliver benefits for the surrounding neighbourhoods as well as Barnsley and the Sheffield City Region.
  • Project Timeline

    July 2014 - Consultation and exhibition
    August 2014 -  Planning and design framework submission to BMBC in support of allocation
    Nov 2014 - BMBC due to publish Local Plan Consultation Draft
    Summer 2015 - BMBC due to publish Local Plan Publication Draft
    Aut/Winter 2015 - BMBC due to submit Local Plan submission to Secretary of State for examination
    Winter 2015/2016 - Examination in public
    Summer 2016 - Adoption of Local Plan