The BMBC Local Plan 

A Strong Economic Future for the District

The site is currently part of the Barnsley Green Belt, however the local authority's emerging Local Plan is based on a clear growth strategy adopted by the Council to provide a strong economic future for the district. It has been established by the council that there is a significant lack of deliverable land within the main urban area to meet the identified development needs for the next 15 years. They have also concluded that there is insufficient employment land and buildings to meet the needs of the population, and there is also a lack of quality homes. Consequently the Council, along with many other local authorities around the country, is having to consider the releasing of green belt land to meet their growing needs of the local population.

Barnsley West provides a unique and sustainable opportunity to provide a significant proportion of the economic development land adjacent to the M1 motorway. Alongside this will be a new link road to reduce the pressure on local roads such as Higham Common Lane. The site will also provide a significant amount of housing and a new school with other community, retail, leisure and service uses.

The scale and locational advantages that the site provides means that it can play a key role in the new Barnsley Local Plan and help to underpin its strategy and soundness. This is reflected in the fact that the Barnsley West site has now been included in the Draft Local Plan and dealt with under planning policy reference "Site MU1"